Mercedes SBC Tool ABS/SBC System Repair Tool for Mercedes (Have to open SBC)

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This SBC tool works on Mercedes Benz W211 (E-Class) and R230 (SL-Class) with SBC systems.

Mercedes SBC Tool ABS/SBC System Repair Tool for Mercedes 

This SBC tool works on Mercedes Benz W211 (E-Class) and R230 (SL-Class) with SBC systems. 

It is ideally suited for: 
- Brake centers 
- Independent Mercedes Benz workshops 
- Tire Service centers 
- Service garages 
- Quick service centers 
- Mercedes Benz Specialist centers 
- Automotive Repair Workshops

If using DAS to check and diagnose the ABS/SBC system in Mercedes Benz's W211 and R230, there is a faults showed: CODE C249F, OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT A7/3 IS EXCEEDED (SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT). 
The above hints mean OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT is exceeded, it's necessary to replace new SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT; no need extra HYDRAULIC UNIT if with W211/R230 tool 
Mercedes Benz's Safety Precautions had stated that before attempting to repair the brake system on its models W211 (E Class) and R230 (SL Class), the Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) system must be deactivated first using its STAR-DIAGNOSIS tester. 
Deactivation of the SBC system is absolutely necessary before carrying out any maintenance work on the brakes like changing of pads, discs and fluids because the system is under a pressure of 140 bars.

Mechanics who perform brake services on these car models must have the proper tools to avoid the risk of injuries to themselves and damage to the brake system. 
Until the introduction of this inexpensive, convenient, light, safe and easy to use SBC tool is another alternative to the STAR-DIAGNOSIS tester when working on SBC system. It can perform the tasks equally well which is efficient and safety. 
After the repair had done, the SBC system can be activated and restore back its pressure. 
The Error memory is erased automatically.

- Quick, easy operations with LED indications. 
- Safe to use 
- Power ON when plugged into vehicle?s OBDII diagnostic connector. 
- Light, compact and very convenient. 
- Stand alone unit. 

Product Features & Specifications: 
1. Battery support, no need external power supply. 
2. LCD indications, easy to operate. 
3. Efficient repair, can be repaired within 3 seconds. 
4. No danger; with safe indications, which can indicate version number, and if the repair is successful. 

Product description: 
1 directly through the SBC internal computer fault code C249F, no need to open ABS assembly, convenient and quickly fix SBC only need 10 seconds of data, finish operation with one key. 
2 SBC to repair the data first four models: 25% -50% -70% -100% user choice.

Models Coverage: 
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 012
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 013
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 015
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 018
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 019
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 020
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 023
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 025
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 028
And more. 

Product include: 
1 Host: 1PCS 
2  connector: 1PCS 
3 Product Description CD: 1PCS

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Brand Mercedes
Type Programmer, Tools
Application Brakes-ABS, Diagnostic
Connection Other
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