Customer Service

INOVAUTO is a company providing services to various companies in the world , do the logistics between the company and the customer , always looking for the best prices and quality , with two possible methods of purchase:

The Buy - in situ :

Customer purchase on our site ( ) , we contacted the closest partners of the site of delivery, usually in Europe shipping will be done in Portugal or Spain and ship in 24-48H (shiping time delivery depend on country destination).

In this option there are no costs inherent.

Shipping is done quickly between 24h to 52h if any in stock , otherwise the deadline is 2 weeks.

In case of failure to INOVAUTO solve all problems replacing warranty (if available ) the product with a new one as soon as possible and treating the incident with the supplier without any intervention from you.

B - Dropshiping  (Product idenfify as NO STOCK OR IN SKU ***):

Customer purchase on our site ( ) but directly to the supplier at a price of lower cost company . The INOVAUTO does the logistics , we undertake only that the order is made and paid for the supplier who sends directly to the Customer the product .

In this case the customer will receive the product in 10-15 days with no NO EXTRA CHARGE (custom, etc..)

In case of failure , the Customer will be responsible for returning the product to the company that sent the product supplier paying the shipping and repair ( if any ) and the waiting time needed repair .

The INOVAUTO not replace the defective product, the supplier will refund the item once it is repaired . 
The Customer INOVAUTO provide all the information and support necessary for this procedure .


WARRANTY applied on all products is supported by the provider of the products despite INOVAUTO participate in the replacement of defective products.

Since the companies are from multiple countries guarantee time is 12 months from the receipt of the product , subject to the applicable statutory warranties .

Shipping rates (s) of product ( s ) are payable by the customer .

We replace the equipment if in stock or repaired . Due to the low price , some products LCD type eprom etc , that require an installer , we reserve the right to assess the implementation of the guarantee as they often are damaged at time of installation is impossible for us to have the guarantee of the product being damaged or have been damaged in installation, these cases will be analyzed uniformly .

Installation and operation - Most of these products are low so we can not give assistance , when buying a product make sure that you will know how to use or install , do not work with these devices and it is impossible to know how all work , and we we can put the manuals online and we asistencia by Skype or facebook as far as possible , there is much information on the internet , please search before contacting us .

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