LANCAR T.A. 200ML- Antifriction treatment

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Antifriction treatment which drastically reduces the wear produced between pieces under friction.
Antifriction treatment, which drastically reduces the wear that occurs between parts subjected to friction.
Reduces working temperature, reduces noise produced by friction, enables the oil to work in better conditions, helping to reduce energy or  fuel consumption and extends the life of parts in friction.
- Prepared as a concentrate mixture of MP and EP additives.
- To be used diluted in oils and gear oils and greases.
- Improving the properties of lubricating oils.
- Does not contain any solid particles. (Teflon, graphite, etc.).
- Contains no silicones.
- Dramatically reduces friction between parts.
- Reduces overheating.
- Reduces excessive consumption and noise.
- Extends the life of your machinery or engine.
- Helps the oil to work in better conditions.
- Can be mixed with lubricants formulated with mineral bases (hydraulic oils, gear motor, grease, etc.).
- Compatible with almost all synthetic bases.
- Insoluble in aqueous media.
- Applicable in both gasoline and diesel engines.2-stroke, 4-stroke engines, manual gearboxes, differential units, hydraulics, gear boxes,
greasing guides, bearings, etc.., with the dosage recommended by the manufacturer in mind.
- Do not apply to automatic transmissions orwet clutches before consulting a specialist.
- Do not apply to self-locking differential unit.
2-stroke motors - 10% of the amount of oil (Continuoususe).
4-stroke engines - 3% every three changes of oil or once a year.
In commercial vehicles- 3% should be added the 1st time and then 1% in each oil change.
Hydraulics- 2%.
Manual gearboxes- 5%.
Gear units- 5%.
Power steering- 5%.
Gear boxes, gear units- 5%.
As a rule, in all systems where there is no ignition or explosion- 5%.
Note: A reasonable overdose of LANCAR T.A. is not dangerous.
Apply preferably before adding the oil.
Keep container tightly closed.
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Part Type Lubricant
Application Gearbox
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